Welcome to ‘Eyb the newsletter! In each newsletter I write frankly about topics that as a young Arab and Muslim woman society would tell me were ‘eyb, or shameful. I also share my often crazy life anecdotes, my work, and the books, music, podcasts and shows I’ve been enjoying.
When a society tells you that it is 'eyb to leave your family and country, even when that family abuses you and the country you live in doesn't keep you…
The importance of being vocal about injustices no matter who the perpetrator is
Watching "I May Destroy You" changed me forever
Recent world events have made me question whether freedom of speech exists anywhere in the world
This week I talk to Maryyum Mehmood, founder of SAVE (Spiritual Abuse and Violence Eradication)
I wasn't wearing the hijab, but I was still very much Muslim
How the patriarchy has been keeping me up at night
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